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Post by Guest Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:03 am

Vinovo like a university, with Conte in the professor's shoes and the Bianconeri attentive so as not to lose a single moment of the "lesson". Of course, the theme was the tactics and the forcefulness that Juventus will have to show on the pitch at any given moment, both in the attack and defense phases. The Bianconeri started the warming-up with a circle drill, first as a single group, then in two separate "teams" made up by twelve platers each.

Then, the afternoon session got to the heart of it and the ball circulation played the lord and master: first intention touches and maximum speed of execution for turning from defense into attack in the least possible time. The coach asked for the same rapidity in the following ball possession exercise, while the goalkeepers kept on working aside with Claudio Filippi. At the end of the session, there was a "special" match played on one half of the pitch only: one team was attacking and the other one in defense ready to steal the ball and becoming the attacking team, trying to elude the opponents' pressing.

The CEO and Sport Area Manager Giuseppe Marotta followed the whole session by the pitch-side.

Conte's lessons will continue tomorrow, but they'll change the lecture hall in the afternoon. In fact, after the morning training at Vinovo, the team will head to Chiusa Pesio where the afternoon session will be held at 17:30.


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