the dilemma we are in right now and how to address it Thread

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the dilemma we are in right now and how to address it Thread Empty the dilemma we are in right now and how to address it Thread

Post by Glory Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:49 pm

Okay so against all the odds we beat Arsenal's full strength team by playing our so called 'failing academy's' players.

The manner in which these kids went about their job expressing and the United way everything it was winds of change and all that. Everyone is happy. But amid this joy i think we will find ourselves in sort of a dilemma soon.
LvG in all probability wont be here next season and Mourinho who has got a notorious record when it comes to developing youth will come and take charge and well.

Perhaps it is because of our history and everything and because how successful it has been for us that approach. I dont think United can let go now all of a sudden and move on by neglecting our youth players and setup. It is inseparable this process of promoting young kids and the club.

Now as much crap lvg has been for us this season, we simply have to give him full credit for unearthing these gems and giving them the confidence. People can argue for the sake of arguing that its because he had no other option and everything, but had it not for this idea i dont think we would have let go off so many players last season. So its evident there was a plan, i mean by trimming the squad.
Throwing money and buying success anyone can do that. Players with no heart and commitment will come play for us and will play like robots (Ander Herrera is a strange exception to that notion btw Proud ). I dont think we are that kind of a club unlike many of our rivals in the league.

So to this setup is Mourinho going to walk into next season. He is an A grade coach no denying it and he will get us success. But what about our identity. What about the very aspect that sets us apart from these modern clubs? Will mourinho be able to do justice to our proud legacy of giving young kids opportunity. Past instances point to a firm no. And from what we have seen we surely arent in shortage of quality in our academy. Its just about having the balls to give them a go which lvg well and truly has. And I am not saying we have to give them chances for the sake of it.  Anyway Chelsea had more youngsters than probably anybody in modern football right now. So if he cant do it for a club who prioritizes in securing the best young talents from world over what guarantee there is that he will change his ways for us now suddenly.

I am not saying lvg should stay in the job just because he is doing this thing.  But its kind of confusing.
Will Jose give Rashford a go behind Martial as our 2nd choice striker from next season.  Will he be willing to make Fosu mensah Schneiderlin's understudy. Hardly think so. Instead he will probably buy Ibra or Cavani and a similar mercenary to play in midfield and loan out these bright talents we have got thats my fear.

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