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Post by dostoevsky Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:07 am

I was taking one of Bacca and Adriano to be a back up in the 4-3-3 as one will essentially play that role in the 4-3-1-2 in any case. They'll play in their proper position but from the bench.

The reason I made the comment however was Bertolacci. He's made really for the three man midfield. Even if he does end up playing behind the strikers for us, Mihjalovic will interpret the position very differently to a typical number 10. Could he play in the 4-2-3-1? Yes, I think he could, but we'd be using him quite differently to what he is used to. In the same vein, our prospective signing Mauri is tailor made for a three man midfield, not that I could care less if the system we use doesn't fit him. He's not good enough to worry about accommodating. Laughing

If we moved to the 4-3-3 we'd certainly need further purchases. I wasn't meaning to say that our market could finish merely that it suits the qualities of those we have brought in. We'd need to bring in a very good RW and then back ups for both flanks and really another two midfielders in my eyes, but I expect Ibra's arrival in any case so it's a futile point.

In the 4-2-3-1 we again have to make several changes, with one of our new strikers again resigned to the bench. Our purchase of Bertolacci would seem a bit pointless however. Really we're now built for the 4-3-1-2 but if we can't get Ibrahimovic then who assumes his role? You know my opinion of Menez well, I simply want him out regardless of our formation. Cerci's a good player who ironically suits our new system but I don't think he's good for the dressing room and I'd like him moved on. The probable solution would be to move El Shaarawy up and have Bertolacci as the 10 but then we're suddenly short on depth should one of those two players get injured. There are other options to fill those roles but certainly none of the names we've been linked to could fill the role adequately.

I'm not concerned though as we've a long time in the market to sort this out. Zlatan will come when he comes and another midfielder would be great. Service is an issue still but I'd rather close Romagnoli or another defender soon just to have an assurance of balance in our market. I don't think you should take chance creation too much for granted though. Emery may have protected the defence with Mbia and Krychowiak but Sevilla have tremendous width courtesy of their aggressive fullbacks and were excellent at winning the ball high up the pitch in Europe to punish sides on the transition. That continual pressure for the back four both when they had and did not have the ball allowed Bacca to score so many scrappy goals. Miha's a task master but we'll need to see a huge lift in the energy this side brings to the park before I rest easy again about making opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net for either of our strikers.

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Luiz Adriano - Page 2 Empty Re: Luiz Adriano

Post by Dante Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:07 pm

Right , i see . Something to note about Cerci , let's not forget that we will have to buy him eventually , in theory at least . How much again for a player who was meh last season and isn't even suited to our plans ??

I don't exactly recall how much for he was sold to Atletico Madrid , however no matter how bad of another season he may have , the least we would buy him shall be for 15m , which is everything you need to know . Cerci won't stay .

And whilst i am not really sure at the moment , i think Mihajlovic benched him often when he was at Fiorentina and he used to complain about Cerci's work effort. My ass he's going to trust him now before all these players rofl

As for Menez , yes , ideally speaking , i would like it if we could sell him for some good money elsewhere . I don't like that his teamwork is so incredibly poor , that he's such a soloist and that his link up play is so damn bad. It is encouraging to know that he will be sold if we get Ibrahimovic , but once again , even though i remain hopefull , i recognise how difficult it will be to get Ibra. Overall situation may look promising at first glance , but imho it really isn't.

PSG don't care about money and Ibra is Ibra for PSG , certain things must happen first in order to sell him . If Ibrahimovic returns then Menez by all means shall leave , there will be no space for him , unless of course he wouldn't care? If he wouldn't mind being 4th option , then i would be ok with him staying , but that would mean we would loan out Niang  .

Ibrahimovic would be the undoubted first choice , with Bacca and Adriano competing for a spot at all times . Truth be told , no it wouldn't be nowhere near the same thing as having Menez to back up Ibrahimovic... but , he could be a decent backup to have when we need to change things. We'll see i guess , but both Luiz Adriano and Bacca have already left him 3rd option up front , as things are right now.

In my opinion , Cerci will be leaving and Menez will leave if a really good offer arrived , or if we get Ibrahimovic , elsewise if none of the two happen , he's definitely staying .

@ Anyway . Back on topic.

Luiz Adriano will wear the number 9 .
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