LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by DeviAngel Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:56 pm

18:38 - Even Count Carrera and bringing it under the fence to sign autographs.

18:36 - The workout is finished. Part of the group goes to the locker room. Another group of players is allowed to fans for autographs and photos.

18:33 - In today's match, which emphasized the "old" bomber Matri and Quagliarella, who scored a goal apiece and of other good game. In the thick of the action also Vucinic. Confirm the progress Tevez and Llorente, although today less were assisted by their respective teams. To underline both before and during the match, the great efforts made by Mauricio Isla, who in spite of market rumors that led him to Inter, is doing very well.

18:32 - ends 2-1 for the yellow match. Advantage of red Quagliarella with a left low shot which beat Rubinho. Then tie of Mattiello after a rebound central Storari. So the winning goal in the second half for the yellow signed by Matri, who sent the ball in the corner of the goal with a great left-footed volley. The action most beautiful of the race, however, was the red: tail aerial Llorente Quagliarella for making a beautiful half volley on which exceeds Rubinho, making a real miracle.

18:33 - Stretching for everyone.

18:32 - Here come the three whistles Count which puts an end to hostilities.

18:32 - Matri download for Vucinic hits the post. This time he had placed well, but was not lucky.

18:31 - powerful shot from outside Vidal, higher than a whisper.

18:29 - We try again Quaglia, but still Rubinho para.

18:28 - Vucinic tries to place it but misses the target.

18:28 - Peak elegant Llorente, who asks the one-two Quagliarella, but the defense intercepts.

18:27 - close up shoot Licht.

18:26 - Vucinic still serves Matri hitting the corner of the goal with another nice conclusion to fly to left.

18:24 - Miracle of Rubinho on a beautiful shot from Quagliarella in the small area.

18:21 - Vidal plays with yellow and is constantly offensive projection.

18:20 - Padoin puts high from a good position.

18:18 - There seems to no longer see Tevez in this recovery. In red there are always Llorente and Quagliarella, yellow torque Vucinic-Matri.

18:17 - Just a super-goal Mitra Matri: a stunning left-footed volley ball that is tucked under the corner of the goal. The yellows ahead 2-1.

18:16 - Now in this second time is also coming Matri.

18:16 - In this first mini-Time, Count fielded Vucinic and Tevez on the one hand, quail and other Llorente, with Matri bench initially.

18:16 - Ends the first time: change field.

18:15 - Cross quail, there comes a breath Llorente.

18:15 - Bomb Buchel hitting the crossbar.

18:13 - Solo run of Tevez agrees that Storari at the near post. Bravo to reject the goalkeeper with his feet.

18:12 - Beautiful defensive closure of Ogbonna.

18:10 - Ends the first time.

18:08 - Great shot of Vucinic and excellent response Storari put in a corner.

18:06 - Draw yellows. Vucinic takes the punishment, Storari rejects the feet of an opponent who struck easily. The goal is to Mattiello.

18:04 - Mani Licht's free-kick from the edge to the yellow.

18:02 - Vidal fails to hit the target from a distance.

18:00 - End of Vucinic, laterally deflected by the goalkeeper.

17:59 - Quagliarella opened the scoring with a great shot from the left distance.

17:57 - You play initially at a touch.

17:56 - the door is placed at mid-court. Is about to begin the match.

17:54 - Ends exercise. The Bianconeri are drinking.

17:50 - Another destination of Isla: unleashed.

17:49 - Roar of the public accompanied by thunderous applause for a nice dribbling Tevez.

17:47 - And right now Isla goes into the goal, surprising the defensive line of the Red Team.

17:45 - Mauricio Isla is supporting the exercise with the usual great effort. Great shot on the right in an attempt to reach a ball out of reach.

17:44 - There's a destination for De Ceglie.

17:43 - Thousands of people at the stadium Brunod. There is no shortage of choirs and incitement to Juventus coach Conte.

17:39 - Meanwhile there is to record the goal of Mattiello.

17:36 - Continuation of the exercise. As soon as the goalkeepers will be "hot", probably, will play a practice match with the real goalkeepers.

17:33 - Fausto Rossi took a knock to the knee but it seems to be able to continue.

17:30 - And Vidal goes straight into the goal with a precise insertion of his own.

17:25 - Like yesterday, the team is supporting a kind of match that has as its final goal, however, is not the goal, but the goal. It is played almost across the board, without goalkeepers. It is looking like in rugby to bring the ball over the bottom line.

17:20 - Juventus have completed the tactics behind closed doors. The public and journalists can attend the training from now on.

17:10 - LADIES VISITING - Juventus, on the pages of its website, says that today's visit in the withdrawal of Chatillon honorable members of Parliament at the Juventus Club: "It is now a tradition which can not be waived: this year , in retreat, Juventus has received the visit of the honorable of faith for Juventus. A dozen members of Parliament at the Juventus Club, led by Maurizio Paniz honorary president and vice president Salvatore Buglio, rose to Chatillon and met the CEO Giuseppe Marotta, the coaching staff and the team after the morning training. On catering school that houses the Bianconeri have enjoyed a drink together: a great opportunity to toast still in second consecutive league title and, above all, to wish Conte and his men a new season full of satisfaction. "

16:50 - STARTED THE AFTERNOON SESSION - Juventus at the moment is on the field for the afternoon training session behind closed doors. Antonio Conte is overseeing the tactics away from prying eyes. A Châtillon there are many fans that are now at Summer Village because the training session behind closed doors.

16:30 - Marotta drive: "Isla is not on the market. Vucinic? Today there are no conditions because it can go. Kolarov and Zuniga On ..." (CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL INTERVIEW)

16:10 - The APACHE ON STAGE OF THE SUMMER VILLAGE - Juventus, soon, it will be on the field for the second workout of the day. This evening, the many Juventus fans, present in Châtillon, will be able to see on stage at the Summer Village one of their new idols. In fact, Juventus, through its official Twitter profile, revealed who will be the host of Cristina Chiabotto DJ Nana and her box of the village Juventus: "This evening on the stage of the # # JuveSummerVillage in Chatillon there will be an Apache: Carlitos Tevez! Send questions using # AskTevez, "wrote the club Corso Galileo Ferraris.

13:10 - THE REPORT OF THE MORNING - Juventus has trained in the morning and in the afternoon from 16:30 return to the field for the afternoon workout. The first part of the work of Antonio Conte afternoon to dedicate the tactics behind closed doors. The training will be visibilie - refers J | TV - from 17:30. In addition, the Juventus through its official website gave no further details on the morning's work of the team: "The sun is shining again on Chatillon and heat field and stands of the stadium Brunod, overflowing for the first workout of the day for the Bianconeri. Early to fall on the green lawn were the Primavera boys, engaged in athletic work, and the porters, Torchiati by Claudio Filippi shoot with balloons. The rest of the team, after a good hour of gym, appeared around 11.00 and is dedicated, after heating, to exercises and possession, which ended the session, the inevitable autographs, "it said on

24:40 - And ARRIVED Marotta - A Châtillon - reports Sky Sports - Giuseppe Marotta has arrived. The CEO Juventus has stopped with so many fans in Valle d'Aosta. In the afternoon the team will be on the field for the second workout today.

12:20 - Padoin: "Congratulations to the company, will draw great benefits from the blows Llorente, Tevez and Ogbonna. First objective 3rd Scudetto in a row, but we aim to do very well in Europe" (CLICK HERE TO READ)

11:50 - A banner in the stands: "With the Apache and the Lion King is a Juve revolution here .... Siam motorcycle far to see Count the craftsman."

11:45 - Really commendable Llorente and Matri, who are signing autographs under the sun from tens of minutes.

11:40 - He gets the chorus for Llorente, while Spanish is signing autographs.

11:38 - They come out rettongolo also the last game players. Now autographs and then everyone in the shower. It replicates in the afternoon.

11:35 - Lichtsteiner hits the bar and ignite the pubblico.Anche the Swiss is venturing on the conclusions from the outside.

11:34 - It 'just as we thought: it closes with this brief technical work the morning session. Remain in the field just a few Bianconeri to kick some kick from the edge.

11:30 - 11:30 I am already: this morning is not likely that carried out the usual athletic, with the dreaded repeated. The Bianconeri must have struggled in the gym.

11:29 - The exercise of the Bianconeri consists in a series of steps, before the verticalization between the silhouettes, to reward the insertion of the lateral.

11:27 - The porters, meanwhile, are finding it difficult nel'intercettare the poisonous trajectories of the ball shooting machine.

11:26 - Alessio Carrera and explain the exercise technique.

11:25 - The coach of goalkeepers Filippi has put into operation the ball shooting machine and is working Storari and Rubinho with "conclusions" from the edge.

11:23 - We move to the technical part.

11:22 - The team committed itself in the shots right under one of the forums.

11:21 - Even Llorente, critically acclaimed, it responds with a greeting.

11:18 - Vidal responds with a greeting at the urging of the public.

11:17 - Following this phase of training are Coratti Constantine and Roberto Sassi that are replacing the most of the convalescent Bertelli.

11:15 - After a short jog and a bit 'of stretching, warming continues with some snap between the pins.

11:14 - Mauricio Isla is still clear: sosrride and jokes with Ogbonna.

11:13 - There is also Mirko Vucinic that yesterday afternoon he had missed the final match because fatigued.

11:12 - Mauricio Isla is also now in the group. The negotiations between Juventus and Inter is frozen, then the Chilean continues to train with the Bianconeri.

11:10 - Start warming up.

11:08 - Here we are: the Bianconeri enter the field!

11:03 - They tell us that even at the Summer Village there are so many Juventus supporters in these times.

10:59 - At Brunod fans came from all over Italy and abroad.

10:56 - But something moves: Employees of the field are arranging the balls in the field. Conte's men could tick off at any moment.

10:50 - It prolongs the expectation of many fans in the stands of the stadium Brunod. The First Team obviously is playing a long process of strengthening in the gym.

10:44 - Still missing the coach Paolo Bertelli, which - remember - is recovering after breaking his Achilles tendon during the holidays. He, too, should join the group for the trip to the U.S..

10:40 - With every passing minute, the temperature rises.

10:37 - The group should regroup Juventus on July 26, shortly before his departure for the tour in the U.S.. Only Pogba should join his companions with a little 'late, in San Francisco. Additional holiday for him, having just finished the Under 20 World Cup. Holidays deserved, given that over the Scudetto, won the world title with the French National and won the prize for best player of the tournament.

10:36 - The doormen are engaged in high outputs, hampered by two large inflatable shapes positioned just outside the small area.

10:33 - We have not seen Simone Pepe. We'll see if today will work with the group will work separately.

10:28 - Brown and the youth of Spring are always engaged in the technical part: Steps in pairs of two. In this phase passes on the fly, with Sandreani passing to control torque in pairs, the number of exchanges contanto flying.

10:25 - Now the program Conte and the staff is quite consolidated after the athletic work morning, afternoon comes the tactical phase, which ends with the match. It also starts to think about the second outing of the season Tuesday night, in fact, is the program that will see the Tim Trophy opposed to Juventus, in mini-games, 45 minutes, Milan and Sassuolo.

10:23 - The First Team should support this morning a hard athletic work.

10:19 - They enter the goalkeepers: Storari, Rubinho, Citti and Vannucchi. Begin the exercises under the orders of Philippi.

10:16 - It is always waiting for the release of the first team, engaged probably in the gym.

10:13 - Now Brown has joined the group of boys and is carrying out the technical work.

10:09 - In the field there are quite a while 'time the guys in the Spring and those returned by the loans. For them, at this time, exchanging passes with location, the orders of Sandreani and Angelo Alessio. And also Luke Brown is playing a diverse work, followed by the responsible Training Check Juventus, Roberto Sassi.

10:07 - Tonight - refers J-TV, on stage at the Summer Village will go up one of the new purchases Bianconeri. Probably one of Carlitos Tevez and Angelo Ogbonna, as Llorente has already met with the fans in that context.

10:06 - Today at Juventus speak Simone Padoin.

10:05 - Climate totally different than yesterday: there is a beautiful sun.

10:03 - Lots of fans at the stadium today Brunod of Chatillon.

10:00 - Start another long day of retreat for the Italian champions Juventus: the number 8. The Bianconeri are about to enter the field for the morning workout.

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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by Tomwin Lannister Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:57 pm

Damn it Matri's going to blow Contes mind in training, get a starting spot and score 11 goals this season Proud
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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by Juveman17 Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:03 pm

Matri to score 20 goals this season and steal the show hmm
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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by salmano9 Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:05 pm

I hope so Smile
Matri is one of the best italian prima puntas
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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by juvealbanian Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:08 pm

Ok he may stay this season but don't have great hopes for Matri,he always fails to prove that he is a worth starter for Juve.
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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

Post by Luca Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:41 pm

Matri stahp

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LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to  Empty Re: LIVE CHATILLON - - Matri show continues he can't stop scoring, Mattiello scores to

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