Lisandro Lopez through Matri Quagliarella. Here's the situation ...

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Lisandro Lopez through Matri Quagliarella. Here's the situation ... Empty Lisandro Lopez through Matri Quagliarella. Here's the situation ...

Post by DeviAngel Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:27 pm

Approaching the culmination of the winter transfer market window which will officially close on Thursday at 19. We predict, therefore, three days, "very hot". In fact, every year many "hits" are made in the last hour and this year could be the case: the Milan seems very close to Mario Balotelli, Inter Milan will return to the office for Paulinho, Juventus, despite the arrival of Anelka, has in no way abandoned the track Lisandro Lopez.

The first contacts between Beppe Marotta and the Argentine attacker's agent, Fernando Hidalgo, back in early January and after the initial refusal to deal with Olympique Lyonnais, Aulas cornered by the will of the player willing to move to Turin, in these last days has re-opened the discussion with Juventus. The gap between supply and demand is there, but it is far from insurmountable: the leadership of Piedmont offers 800/900mila euro for the loan sale with right of redemption to 7/8 while the club transalpine asks for the loan 2 and 7 / 8 for the ransom but it should be mandatory. Tomorrow, probably, Juventus will return to the office trying to raise the bar to 1 million / 1 million and a half for the loan while maintaining the right of redemption linked to the performance of the player in the last four months because the Bianconeri do not need a forward for the future since July 1 will Fernando Llorente. At the end of the possibility that the deal goes into port are high because on one hand the Lyon must give a player discontent and which also has a contract expiring in June 2014 ergo we get 9 million, the other wants Marotta satisfy the demands of the Count, who wants two strikers.

Should get the Argentine striker, one of Alessandro Matri and Fabio Quagliarella will leave Turin with the latter much more inclined to pack because while the "Mitra" there is only a timid interest of Lazio, Campania on the bomber is becoming more insistent pressure of Fiorentina. In fact Montella has expressly asked Pradè to try to make an attempt to bring "Eta Beta" in purple. Juventus's interest to sell it to the Tuscan club as a success of the deal would patch up relations with the Della Valle and especially re-open the discussion for Stevan Jovetic next year. All, however, is subject to Lisandro Lopez. In short, the best is yet to come ...

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