Jacobelli: "This Juve never dies"

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Jacobelli: "This Juve never dies"  Empty Jacobelli: "This Juve never dies"

Post by DeviAngel Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:57 pm

Xavier Jacobelli, editorial director of calciomercato.com, commented on the difficult but deserved victory for Juventus against Cagliari. Here is his editorial, reported on radioradio.it:

The pride of a great Cagliari and its 41, diehard fans, entered the Tardini refrigerator along with other brave paying Bianconeri 2800, resulted in the most painful victory for Juventus this season. The leaders had favored on paper, but risked being blatantly by the Sardinians, despite the latter having played in ten against eleven from 20 'to recovery. In the end, with 6 minutes of recovery, Agazzi was huge when he choked in my throat with the shout Asamoah's goal, with that incredible flash on close-range header in the Ghanaian. He thought Matri, relentless ex, to punish his old team, which would have deserved at least a draw.

Count on the eve of the premonition became a reality in the squalor of the stadium desert of Parma, where the red and blue were forced to play after the shameless ballet of Is Arenas. Of course, about the farce that preceded the choice of the theater of the meeting, there is no news or the President of the Football Association nor the League Serie A, resigning from 1 year and 9 months.

Italian football is fourth in the FIFA rankings, as pompously in Spruce remember every turn, but in none of the most important (and less important) world championships going on what has happened in recent days about the stage of Cagliari. The triumph of the disorganization of carelessness, the buck and all that, on the skin of the fans.

Conte had warned her not because they felt already on holiday appropinquandosi the last race of the year. In the first half, it was not heard at all. In the second half, it went a bit 'better, but the first place in the competition was impressed by the rigor of Pinilla, who Damato had generously granted for a foul by Vidal of Sau, on the advice of Orsato goal judge.

In fact, if there was the penalty for red and blue, there had to be one for the foul on Quagliarella Astori, sunk in the area. But, to paraphrase Nicchi after the re-election to the presidency in The Hague, the worst was yet to come.

In the last six races before Parma, Cagliari had scored 2 points thanks to two draws and 4 defeats. The team of Pulga and Lopez saw Juve and found the old fighting spirit, despite the absence of the suspended accounts. Nainggolan has been the best in the field, Pinilla a real thorn in the side, Astori a pillar of the defense, until he has committed a foul on Giovinco and naive, already booked, was sent off with his coach Pulga.

Shortly before, Damato and Orsato had not seen a clear penalty on Asamoah, driven by Nainggolan while he was scoring the equalizer. Instead, the ball went out, the meeting convened by the condominium Braschi has combined another of his. The disaster of these referees is endless and think that there is still a turn at the halfway point.

That for Juve this was likely to be truly an evening no one could gather when, 18 minutes from the end, Giovinco has procured the penalty that Vidal has kicked up. So far, in the league, the Bianconeri have failed three of six shots from the spot granted to them, a percentage disturbing given the rank of leaders.

He thought Matri to ward off witches, with the complicity of Agazzi, which was the first fatal mistake of the game. The Great Ex, the last of the attackers in the hierarchy of Conte, Juve took off the hook, along with Padoin, succeeded Caceres and elusive along the strip.

The siege of the port of Cagliari was continuous, but sterile, despite the screams of Earl that if he pouto would have taken the field. Maybe to replace the unrecognizable Vidal. Irreducible, Cagliari has withstood the onslaught black and white, always showing courage so that, when it came out Pinilla, entered Nene. But lurking there Matri, who hit a second time, on touch of the hand close to Vidal that has sparked protests of the Sardinians and Vucinic, who has literally hijacked the trio to Giovinco, affixing his signature on the second network in two games ..

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