Criscitiello: "At Juventus there is a case Matri"

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Criscitiello: "At Juventus there is a case Matri" Empty Criscitiello: "At Juventus there is a case Matri"

Post by DeviAngel Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:40 am

In the evening Michael Criscitiello highlighted the problems of Juventus during the program "Only Football" by Sportitalia: "The Count of choices to begin to discuss? The main concern stems from the fact that Juventus had left with a potential super offensive form, 4 -4-2 or 4-2-4, and ended up with a pseudo 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 - explains the journalist -. Bottom line: there is only one available and the attacker ' attacker - and rightly so - at this moment is called Mirko Vucinic. But of all the strikers who has, what it does?

He Vucinic, who has not played Del Piero, who has not played Matri, who has not played Quagliarella, Amauri who is not even the most to Juventus, but he has a contract 420,000 euros per month. Iaquinta Then you have to solve the situation. When the market should weed out any attack, the whole squad offensive. It has now added another case, that of Matri, which should have been a certainty this year. Matri Where you put it in this game system? One answer does not have either the coach of Juventus. Marotta spoke to Elijah and said 'do not start in January, will begin in June, we place great emphasis on this Dutch guy. 'It is good. But you have external as Pepe and Krasic which paradoxically are not jumping the external man.

The Serbian then in an unsatisfactory situation, a difficult objective. Again, there is this paradox that the attackers are a number blunder, but Count uses them sparingly because it changed the game system, and then we have a midfield with outsiders who find it hard to miss the man. Delio Yesterday Rossi, in the course of 'That Sunday', but rightly claimed Juventus are a super team that is well organized and the phase of non-possession.

The problem is that today we must always judge the numbers: Juventus could be the first team on the run, had to take advantage of the initial difficulties of the Roma, Inter and AC Milan to try to win the championship, even if the primary goal this year is not to win the Scudetto. The Juventus team could be at a height 16 and not 12. What worries us that when blocks of Juventus and Pirlo crashes the engine of Juventus. And what worries us is that Juventus has lost six points with three small (Bologna, Catania and Chievo, ed) ".

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