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Transfer preview: Fernando Llorente Empty Transfer preview: Fernando Llorente

Post by ChollaVille Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:33 pm

Name: Fernando Llorente Torres "Leon Rey"
Born: 26.02.1985.
Nation: Spain
Hight: 195 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Club: Athletic Club Bilbao
Contract Expires: June 2013
Release clause: €36M

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For Athletic in 240 games he scored 83 goals, for Spain NT in 12 games he scored 7 goals. Last year in the Europa League 8 goals in 11 games. This season in La Liga he scored 17 goals in 35 games, and 1 goal in 3 CdR gams.

Llorente is a "classic nine", a player who relies on its natural advantages, combined with very good technique for a player who plays this position. Llorente is using both legs in the penalty area and outside it. An aggressive player and hard to give up the fight for the ball. He has excellent "first touch" play, "back to goal" play and situations where the ball is "no mans land". In addition, head shot was brought to such perfection that this season in La Liga he scored more goals with his head (9) than with his feet.

Fernando Llorente is not Barca type of the striker but he is the proven in La Liga, is proven in Spain national team and in Europa League. He is playing with 8 Barca's players at NT, so there would be no problems with fitting into the team. He can give us something extra for dominance in the Champions League, and more dimensions against "parking buss". If he is ready to play in rotation system he is wellcome. Problem is that he would be not much needed in most of the games.

His release clause is €36M, but he wll be avilable for €30M. There is no possibilty to send another player to Bilbao, so it is just money. We can afford him, but can we afford to pay €30M for rotation player? Well we paid €21M for Mascherano.

Dribling i assist:

Dribling and goal from 18 meters with left foot:


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