Raiola: 'Pogba best in the world'

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Raiola: 'Pogba best in the world' Empty Raiola: 'Pogba best in the world'

Post by DeviAngel Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:53 pm

Agent Mino Raiola claims Paul Pogba is “the best player in the world at his age and is like a Monet painting.”

He is already a regular for Juventus and France at the age of 20 and started the World Cup play-off against Ukraine this evening.

“Paul is growing, though he has already done great things and his strength is that he thinks only about improving in the future,” Raiola told Sky Sport Italia.

“Pogba is the best player in the world at his age. Zlatan Ibrahimovic teaches us that you can do better even at the age of 32, so imagine how much joy Pogba can still give us.”

Raiola famously said another of his clients, Mario Balotelli, was like “the Mona Lisa,” so he continued the art theme.

“I am not worried by how much Pogba is worth. He’s like a Monet painting now, as it doesn’t matter what happens in the World Cup, his worth is already clear for all to see.

“Great works of art are not sold at auction, as they are already in the hands of collectors and they’ll keep hold of them unless there is the desire to sell.”

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