Ag Berardi: "Tomorrow Juve could buy him"

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Ag Berardi: "Tomorrow Juve could buy him" Empty Ag Berardi: "Tomorrow Juve could buy him"

Post by DeviAngel Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:31 pm

Negotiation for hot Domenico Berardi: Juventus tomorrow could buy half of the tag from the '94 class Sassuolo. This was revealed exclusively to the player's agent Beppe Galli: "Football is illogical and it can happen anything and everything. Certainly for Domenico in recent months there has been the interest of many big clubs. At Juventus are interested and like tomorrow and in this sense, the hope is that we can successfully close. Even when buying in joint ownership would remain in Sassuolo throughout the season. succedrà Let's see what ... ".

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