'Agnelli like a bitter spinster'

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'Agnelli like a bitter spinster' Empty 'Agnelli like a bitter spinster'

Post by DeviAngel Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:29 pm

Catania President Antonino Pulvirenti stirred up controversy by calling Juventus patron Andrea Agnelli “a bitter spinster suffering from withdrawal symptoms.”

Pulvirenti spoke to Sky Sport Italia after Agnelli complained at the decision to elect Maurizio Beretta President of the Lega Serie A.

“Agnelli did not behave well during the Board meeting. I have to say he acted like a bitter spinster suffering from withdrawal symptoms,” said the Catania owner.

“In my view the Lega has not emerged divided from this vote. Don’t forget 14 out of 20 teams is still a good majority.”

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