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Post by ioilersrock448 Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:40 pm

Here is who Bayern can play and miscellaneous other statistics taken from thread in general discussion:

F: FC Bayern München (GER)
Can play: Porto, Arsenal, Milan, Madrid, Shakhtar, Celtic, Galatasaray
Qualified as: runners-up, Germany
Last season: runners-up
Previous seasons in UEFA Champions League: 15
Previous European Cup best: winners x 4

For me this is how I feel:
Would like to see: Real Madrid, Celtic
It's always fun to see Bayern beat Madrid, Celtic are the "easiest" team in the draw.
Am Indifferent about: Porto, Milan
I wouldn't mind facing either team, both could surprise but would be better than seeing Shakhtar or Galatasaray.
Would be a challenge: Madrid, Arsenal
Probably the two toughest teams in the draw. If Bayern gets either of them, Bayern could be eliminated.
Would hate to see: Shakhtar, Galatasaray
Trips to Ukraine and turkey? No thanks. Shakhtar are pretty f*cking good and Galatasary is hell.


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