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Congratulations BarrileteCosmico Empty Congratulations BarrileteCosmico

Post by RealGunner Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:35 pm

Hello Everyone.

On the behalf of the Admins and the moderators, it is my pleasure to announce that BarrileteCosmico has been chosen as our new Super Moderator with the departure of BarcaKizz. BarrileteCosmico has proved time and time again of his decision making ability, his maturity and his overall character which was perfect to be awarded the job of Super Moderator.

BC has been a loyal poster who has been with us since about 6 years and the decision to make him the moderator was as unanimous as it gets since he was someone who we all admired as a poster and as a man. We hope he continues the hard work and delivers with the extra pressure that is added onto him now.

He is respected within the forum and i would like to request from all of you to join us in congratulating BarrileteCosmico on this well earned achievement as he is certainly deserving of it.

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