Mino Raiola : ' What a talent Buoy is. Best Transfer? Martin Caceres. In summer I got great ST for Juve,Milan,Inter.

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Mino Raiola : ' What a talent Buoy is. Best Transfer? Martin Caceres. In summer I got great ST for Juve,Milan,Inter. Empty Mino Raiola : ' What a talent Buoy is. Best Transfer? Martin Caceres. In summer I got great ST for Juve,Milan,Inter.

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In an interview with the newspaper "Il Giornale", the famous players' agent Mino Raiola has spoken of the Italian championship, the course of the market and his clients, beginning with Ouasim Bouy, young Dutch midfielder bought by Juventus in the winter market and immediately aggregate to Juventus Primavera Marco Baroni, engaged these days in Viareggio Cup:

"Bouy? A talented. He has run and game viewing. Play to Van Bommel, but also has a nose for goal. He has made ​​42 Ajax last year. You'll see .... I also wanted AC Milan? course. But I told you: I do not work for the Rossoneri ... ".
Raiola also reveals some background market:

"I confess, to bring Marek Milan was one of my goals and I was working there. But De Laurentiis has blocked everything, giving an exaggerated assessment of the player. I think he did it because it really was not going to sell it. I would be flown to London for Fabregas? Another dance. I never treated Cesc for Milan. In London I went to bring Kasami at Fulham. "The same Kasami was close to Juventus in the winter window market. The player is said to have refused the transfer to Turin, but Raiola denies categorically: "... But that simply refused his transfer to Juventus was related to other operations and there were all the conditions to complete the puzzle in the repair market ...".

And when asked what was the shot that surprised the most in January, the agent replied: "The Return of Caceres to Juve. Not because it is a phenomenon or a bad player. But I find it curious that Marotta has not redeemed in 2010, then buying it back two years later ... ".
Closure of Ibra and Balotelli:

"If Zlatan was caught red card is the fault of Nocerino. Did I also told the middle of Milan: the next time you defend yourself alone - jokes Raiola -. Ibra is like that. He hates that someone touches one of his companions. So it was with Napoli: Aronica hit Nocerino and he rushed to defend him. If justice is worthy of the name, Zlatan will be in camp on Feb. 25. Already two days I seem to be too much for a flip like that, let alone three. Aronica has also admitted there was no act of violent conduct in Ibra. And if he says so ... Ibra is a recidivist? He did it the other night in the Italian Cup? I have not seen happened with Storari. I only know that in every game Zlatan is beaten up and provoked. Counsel knows that is not a regular player and treat him accordingly. As they were at war. And we're not talking about girls, but Marcantoni . Sometimes it happens that Ibra helmets and we react. Although it seems much improved in this respect ... Take away from Italy Ibra? Ibrahimovic wants to stay at Milan, there is no question. If Berlusconi told me that really is worth 150 million Euro? Invention of you journalists. Then that player Ibrahimovic is an absolute value seems obvious to me. Watch as AC Milan has totally changed.

In the field is essential, and his arrival has given the team renewed confidence and will to win. But he wants know what? The price does not matter at all. It is the player to decide whether or not to stay in the club. And Ibra does not intend to move on. If I already put to work to find him a new strike partner? I do not work for Rossoneri. Ma .. ".
At this point, Raiola reveals ... "...

I n the summer I'll hand that makes a great striker in the case of AC Milan, Inter and Juve. A fantastic player. If Balotelli? No. And as I keep it for me. If Balotelli back in 2013 in Italy ? Plan. I've always said at least three years, then we'll see. Going abroad did him good, now reaching levels high. It has such a hurry to return ".

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