Darwin: "It 'by a Juve Scudetto; Montolivo would see well in black and white ..."

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Darwin: "It 'by a Juve Scudetto; Montolivo would see well in black and white ..." Empty Darwin: "It 'by a Juve Scudetto; Montolivo would see well in black and white ..."

Post by DeviAngel Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:35 pm

Pastorin Darwin, noted columnist and current director of 4RETE, to obiettivosport.org expressed his opinion on the new Juventus Antonio Conte and on the central themes of current Juventus. Here are the main steps of the interview:

- The new Juventus Antonio Conte. Compared to the team last year, many new grafts but only two appear to the prestige of the club: Andrea Pirlo and Mirko Vucinic. Just to get back at least in that counts?

"I still believe in the new Juve and in the character and competence of Antonio Conte, Juventus in the heart, veins, in the soul. Meanwhile: Vucinic and Pirlo are two champions, two purchases, compared to last season, are making the collective Juventus even more competitive. Do not forget, then, the "recovery" Quagliarella, other "top player". And give time to the various Vidal, and Elijah Giaccherini to acclimate. And 'a Juventus, in short, by title. No ifs, ands but ".

- What happens to Giorgio Chiellini? Stuttering performance for months now, insecurity and crucial mistakes. Yet with Legrottaglie (not prop A Thiago Silva or Pique) had experienced her best season as a central defender ... return to the original role at left-back: the solution to regenerate it?

"Chiellini, in my opinion, is going through a period of fog. It happens. I prefer to be" central ", even if on the left wing has not met expectations. I would not talk of crisis, therefore, but a negative moment, for to pass and leave no sign. "

- Inevitable talk about the process of Naples: just yesterday the lawyer Prioreschi demolished point after point theorem indictment Calciopoli transforming even some prosecutors (Baldini and Auricchio Nucini) in the accused, and yet in La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, 28/09 / 2011, a single line on the front page. Possible that the main Italian sports newspaper report about no interest at all those involved in the attempt to re-establish a plausible truth?

"Riepeto my opinion. I ask for the truth, nothing but the truth. And who has rigged the game to pay. Respect for justice and for the fans. Juventus has been hit hard, now. Expulsion in B. Now we discover new evidence, that involving other companies. I have full confidence in the judiciary and I am convinced that, after too many years, we will know the true face of Calciopoli. Andrea Agnelli is right to defend those two titles: won by a very strong team on the field. Bianconeri continue Titles twenty-nine to be. "

- JCBlanc is to find a home to Paris Saint Germain: we do our best wishes for him or the club that welcomes him?

"Happy, happy birthday: for new approvals and new triumphs. Blanc is part of the history of Juventus."

- Case Montolivo: what is your opinion?

"Probably for Montolivo it's time to leave Fiorentina. And I do not see it in black and white ... dispiacreebbe".

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