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Post by DeviAngel Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:03 pm

“Stefano Pioli? Nobody’s job is safe…”
After going through 14 Coaches in nine years, does Maurizio Zamparini even need to say it?

“I’ve handed the team to Devis Mangia, waiting for Delio Rossi to change his mind and return to Palermo. We both took time to think things over.”
Zamparini considers serenading his former manager with a Chris Brown number

“I won’t be returning to Palermo. Absolutely not. At this moment in time it just doesn’t feel right.”
And, adds Rossi, I’m not THAT stupid

“The supporters can’t influence my decisions.”
No, but they will influence Luis Enrique’s dismissal

“Not being in Europe could prove to be an advantage for Roma. This elimination could make us stronger.”
Owner Thomas Di Benedetto shows a very American determination to clutch at positive straws

“I’ll have to confirm myself and improve as I’ll now have the spotlight on me.”
Kevin-Prince Boateng realises he might’ve peaked too soon with that Moonwalk

“Milan’s market is closed. I’ve said that many times over the last few days and I confirm as much today. The reports linking us with more players, even at this late stage, are without any kind of foundation. We are complete.”
Said Adriano Galliani before snapping up Italy and Palermo midfielder Antonio Nocerino. He meant Milan were complete-ish.

“They can defend their rights like all workers, but must also not forget they are privileged.”
Parma patron Tommaso Ghirardi believes the players march on rose petals while wielding gold-plated placards

“I already played three European games this season, so I’m ready to step on to the field as soon as possible.”
That’s more than Alexandros Tzorvas’ new Palermo teammates will manage

“I don’t know whether PSG have expressed an interest in Federico Balzaretti and to be honest I don’t care.”
Palermo director Sean Sogliano takes his job very seriously

"I understand Eto’o because he is already 30 years old. I would not move to Russia at my age, but I can understand it from Samuel's point of view.”
That’s 27-year-old Wesley Sneijder wishing the best to his practically geriatric former teammate

“I may be 32, but I feel in great shape. Besides, in my family we all seem young for our age.”
Diego Forlan shakes his plentiful head of hair at Sneijder with a smug look on his face

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