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Post by The Nature Boy Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:16 pm

terms like Overrated, Overhyped, World Class, Average Player, etc., etc., that get used (or missused) need to have clear definitions. Could be pointless, but Ill put some down.

(these 2 definitions are my OPINION and are not concrete, but hopefully, we can cement some definitions together)

Overrated: a player is overrated when his value to the team (club or national) and league are completely overstated. "Gareth Barry is so valuable to his team because he keeps things ticking/moving in midfield" when really it could be any tom, dick, or harry that does what he does. The description of the player is often too highly ranked, and therefore his rating too high. "James Milner is a great player because he works so hard for the team, he is so great". His value is overstated because besides working hard, what does he do? what merits does he have? are the merits he does have appraised to highly? this is what I think when I think in terms of overrated.

Overhyped: The buzz around the palyer is too high and unwarrented. "pastore is the next maradona" when they dont do nearly the same thing. "Messi is the best footballer the world has ever seen" when his career isnt even over yet. The player is advertized or promoted to extremes. .
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