Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology...

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Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology... Empty Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology...

Post by IrasMaldinista Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:04 pm

There are legends among all nations. There is one pervading the Rossonero nation.
Humility, elegance, tirelessness,... Where to start? How to finish?

He defined numbers, yet he always defied them.

He is 47 now. There is an eon to go before another comes like him.
O time, you frigging thief!

Rarely does a club legend give his fans so many reasons to be proud. Take the former world-beater, lovely Iker Casillas, being literally pushed out at just 34 years of age - so young for a keeper - as an example to realize what it means to be an undisputed outfield starter at age 41. Follow that with that graceful gentleman, Frank Lampard, deserted by his club at age 35. Or the modern-day demigod Alessandro Del Piero, left out by the ungrateful Conte at age 36. Even the oft-invincible-looking Javier Zanetti was done no favor; they never found the patience to nurse their living legend back to full fitness for a more fitting farewell.

My man Maldini dictated his own fate for 25 years at the very highest level. Dr. Tavana once said that the eternal no.3 suffered from a collection of painful, chronic knee injuries for over 20 years, and yet, he never settled for anything less than the extraordinary. The Uefa defender of year at age 39, Capitano went on to be part of the Serie-A team of the year at age 41. Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology.
He set the stage, he performed, he bowed, and he left when HE saw fit. Critics? There was zilch, zero, nothing to blast him over. What critic? Now, is that greatness? Nah. He was someplace around the beyond.

And this was not just a case of individual brilliance of a phenomenal player. He was a symbol of the highest degree.

To borrow from that sneaky revolutionary, V, in V for Vendetta, "Captain Maldini is not just flesh; he is an idea. Ideas are bullet-proof." And so, in these times of difficulty, it is hard to think of any ideal for our club as comprehensive as what he represented. What he envisions for his Milan, and what he wishes, remain of that nature: always the top, forever the top.

My best friend, a born Blaugrana, once revealed to me the fact that, with Ronaldinho on top of his powers, he feared that the wonderful memories he had of Rivaldo would be somewhat shattered. Then, of course, came this superhuman Leo Messi, and while my friend still cherishes his childhood memories with Rivaldo, he can't possibly dare to wish for Messi to not have ever existed.

Now, me, I can confidently say that for a Milanista, as far as I'm concerned, there is no one-upping Paolo Maldini. My memories of my captain are unbreakable; my respect for what he represented, increasing by the day; and my love, sacred.

There is a legend among the Milanista folklore. The legend, like all legends, is immortal and will stand the test of time.

Question is: What are we doing to preserve the tradition, to live up to that ideal?

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Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology... Empty Re: Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology...

Post by Dante Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:34 pm


Milan , the management that is , already squandered Maldini's legacy within our ranks , i am afraid . He strived for the experience of a Grande Milan , with a family atmosphere at that , to remain at Milan after he was gone . But our circus management run this club to the ground as we know.. And as we also know , none of Maldini's vision and mentality remains within the team today , the 'torch' simply isn't there anymore . Today's Milan is Muntari doing whatever the fk he pleases , Menez thinking he's a star and scrublords willing to stay at Milan when they know they can't carry the shirt . That's today's Milan without Maldini's legacy . If he was around , none of this shit would be happening , but thank Galliani for that.

As long as Galliani is around , Maldini will not return to work for Milan . Personally i cannot wait to see our greatest ever player working for the good fortunes of Milan , i am still as angry as it gets when i remember how they have treated him . No wonder how many good players don't want to be near Milan , who wants dealings with Galliani and Berlusconi these days. Looking forward though. The day he comes back to work for Milan again , it will be a great day indeed.

I think he would be a fine sporting director if he was to return , but what do i know?? Apparently Galliani knows better , spending 20m on Bertolacci ... lmao

Save us Maldini Proud
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Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology... Empty Re: Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology...

Post by Kaladin Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:54 am

He came to Aspetar (Medical center in Qatar) about 2 months ago, its literally a 5-8 min walk from my house, i was still at the UK that time unfortunately. If i were back home, i would've been all over him Sad

This still sends my feels hurling, despite the Curva's disrespect

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Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology... Empty Re: Greatness? Nah. This is stuff of Greek mythology...

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