Best footballer you know who never made it

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Best footballer you know who never made it Empty Best footballer you know who never made it

Post by fatman123 Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:12 pm

so surely once upon a time you met someone who back in their youth was a top footballer and came really really really close to making the big time and playing professionally (or so they think anyway) but then an injury or something like that stopped them from playing or they got released, decided they didnt want to play anymore etc

if you know someone who fits into this category then give us run down on their rise and fall, you never know who might come up! ill start


Best footballer you know who never made it Baresi
the one on the left

Back in the day Vince set Lambert Park alight with his pace skills and clinical finishing, here a vid of him showing us a glimmer of his skills

(not sure why this is on youtube)

rumor has it that a young Vince was latter snapped up by none other then AC Regina although after what mus have been an unsuccessful spell at Regina Vince was unable to obtain a renewal with Regina nor a new contract elsewhere and as a result Vince retired from football probably aged 20ish

Upon his retirement Vince returned to Australia where he studies to become a PDH/PE and had the honor of teaching yours truly in 2008.
Despite being unable to make the big time in football Vince is dedicated to grass roots programs in Australia, through his grassroots program football Mundial and links with Inter

Football Mundial program (apparently Football Mundial means football worldwide or something like that)

(see Vince sounding important from 1.30)
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