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Kroos: England Move Possible - Page 3 Empty Re: Kroos: England Move Possible

Post by Helmer Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:22 pm

Kroos: England Move Possible - Page 3 BiYjAkeIEAA46DM

I think out of those 22, 18 have been as starts hmm
who knows if Toni decides to leave because Bayern dont want him

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Kroos: England Move Possible - Page 3 Empty Re: Kroos: England Move Possible

Post by Footyfan Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:04 am

Gil wrote:
Footyfan wrote:Toni Kroos can do everything what the above poster wanted. He would instantly become the Best CM in the league and hands down ahead of everyone else.

Speed is not the be it all for a CM in any league. F***ing Carrick is a top star in EPL and even Lampard, etc are doing well and they don't have much speed now. I can take half a dozen names. If you are a good player you can make up for little raw speed in positions like CM. It is not even debatable.

Anyways why should he take a step down to go to Arsenal or Chelsea? Only for a Pay-raise. He gets good money and Bayern will give him more money.

Ie he acts too much like a bi*** he would let go for free in 2015 & Bayern would try to sign Gundogan

Ramsey, Gerrard and Toure are all 2x the CM Kroos is.

And Demba Ba will be a better striker than Suarez. I have never rated you as a knowledgeable person when it comes to football but everyone has an opinion.

Only where Ramsey will start in Bayern is the 2nd team of Bayern which playes in 4-BL because he is nowhere near a starting level player. Above average player with a few good players.

Gerrard is old and I can't believe Gerrard is highlighted when he has no lungs anymore while Kroos is called slow. Gerrard has reached retirement age. He is as better to Kroos as current Seedorf is.

Yaya might be. But everytime with City Kroos and Bayern wiped the floor with him. He's meh defensively, amazing offensively, bombs forward but tactically a level below Kroos or Schweni. Does not know that art of dominating a game like Kroos. Good for counter attacking teams/

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