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Quo Vadis Mankind? Empty Quo Vadis Mankind?

Post by I Have Mono Fri 27 Sep 2013 - 7:10

Im going to go way off topic and im telling you in advance but it seems semi relevant.

I really do hate thinking about stuff like this. It's too easy for a rational person to become really conflicted.

I mean people think Americans are crazy for having wanting guns but then things like this give you a reason to distrust the government.
At the same time I realize the United States citizens themselves would be safer from themselves if they had gun control like England or Australia but would we be safer from the Government ?

Maybe that's why governments are so into drones, much more easy to control an army of drones that Millions of soldiers each with their own morals, conscience, sense or right/ wrong whatever you want to call it.
The way video games are advancing you'll think you'll be playing call of duty when in reality you are bombing people across the world or something.

Then thinking about just doing the right thing gets me thinking about pharmacudical companies who buy out scientist that are creating cures that would render their drugs obsolete.
I think the last thing I read about was Italian scientist finding a way to regroup cartilage (doesnt naturally regrow because it has no blood flow) which would basically stop arthritis, but pharmacudical companies bought the company and mothballed it because their is no way to make money off of regrowing cartilage as it is part of human DNA( federal courts logic) but they can just keep selling drugs to ease the pain of arthritis instead.

Have people become so focused on making money that they don't want to do the right thing anymore ?
I don't know.

Crazy shit I was watching the Daily show with John Stewart who had one of the leading atheists in the world on the show talking about how humanity has a 50% chance of surviving the 21st century. That when other cultures(aliens lol don't think I'm crazy) get to the stage of technology we are at they kill themselves soon after.
Think of the movie Prometheus in a nutshell.

Personally I prefer to ignore everything because the more you look the more you find how *bleep* up everything really is and the easier it is to get depressed about where humanity is heading.

What do you guys think haha ?

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Quo Vadis Mankind? Empty Re: Quo Vadis Mankind?

Post by rwo power Fri 27 Sep 2013 - 11:23

I think this post deserves a topic of its own, so I split it from the original thread "Move over Big Brother". ATM I have no time for a proper reply, but maybe I will manage to compose one a bit later.
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