Marchisio: 'Balotelli's too nice'

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Marchisio: 'Balotelli's too nice' Empty Marchisio: 'Balotelli's too nice'

Post by DeviAngel Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:29 pm

idea. “He is too nice sometimes.”

The Milan and Italy striker joined the social network last month as @FinallyMario and delighted fans with photographs, jokes and occasional rows.

He took to Twitter on Friday evening to lambast his critics after a red card against the Czech Republic, but apologised the next day.

“He is too nice sometimes,” commented Marchisio, who has been on Twitter for much longer.

“Since he joined Twitter, he follows everything. It’s good that he does, but he has to learn how to answer too.

“He did well to say he cares about the Nazionale and it is also important that he apologised.”

The Italy squad flies out from Rome to Rio de Janeiro for the Confederations Cup tonight.

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