Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.

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Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.  Empty Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.

Post by DeviAngel Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:29 am

We think Pavel Nedved to keep alive what will be one of the catchphrases transfers. The Juventus manager, interviewed by Pierlugi Pardo during the program "Eleven", has opened the door to a possible and sensational return: "Who would not want a player like Ibrahimovic? Can not deny that I'd like to get him back to Juve." The Czech Fury has also addressed the issue Conte blindando the permanence of technical Salento: "As long as I do, Conte does not let him go away." Two news, a bomb that could shake the transfer market. is fully transcribing the words of Nedved.

How's Nedved? They told me that you're Beinasco. Where Beinasco? Giovinco home to, among other things ...
"Yes, the birthplace of our little Giovinco. One area where I do not happen to go often, but at least I saw something new."

I know there's Bologna-Juventus, but on Saturday there are Finley playing in Turin, you want to go?
"I'm not so experienced, but Saturday night are definitely engaged.'ll Go next time."

Pavel, I like this Juve? Spirit, concrete, never give up until the end ...
"Absolutely, I relived the emotions the other day at the stadium, which I must say were very strong. It 'a very positive time for us. Ensure there is seen Juventus Antonio Conte."

You are a manager, a member of the board. Surely you will give technical advice. How do you teach this winning mentality? How is it transmitted?
"You said well, how it is transmitted: I was chosen by the President to transmit these things here. Obviously we were also lucky that we decided to bring in Turin someone like Antonio Conte, who personally reflects everything we wanted for Juve . It can be seen, we reported that Juve has always been: a big group, a family, and hugs in the field or in the stands prove it, we are very happy. "

Did you expect that good? Is known as a coach on the field, as it was when you played with him?
"Yes, I must say that I experienced as a player, I already cried when he was playing behind me, gave me advice in midfield, when going out, when not, it was already very important for us in the field. But seeing me as a coach surprised positively in an incredible manner, because being able to follow almost every day in training, it really is a great coach who will make a way. "

Pavel, you would make a quarter of an hour today, quality?
"I do not know if I would be able to take the field, because obviously the body is no longer the same as before. Thirst there would be, and how, the safe one."

Yesterday, exultation, reviewing the goals of Giaccherini, you came to mind your goal against Piacenza in Piacenza in 2002?
"Yes, I remember how, because it was a game very painful, like that of yesterday.'ve Managed to unlock a little bit before the mythical Giak, so the emotion was very similar, because they are those goals that ultimately matter a lot and will lead to goals importanto. Yesterday was a beautiful day. "

Pogba as you choose it? Whose idea was it?
"Pogba ... of course we work with many partners, we knew this guy. Since I am very much in touch with Mino Raiola - you know, I represented -, our knowledge still exist, there are often confronted. But I must say that the company was very good to get this guy. From the first time I saw him I knew that he could become a very strong player. "

I do not remember one so strong at that age ...
"I totally agree, because the shirt of Juventus weighs, like that of other great teams, but a boy of 19 years with this personality .... to play in midfield for Juventus, there, now you see them ... very few, I think it is perhaps unique. "

Barzagli Vidal and you expect them so decisive? Vidal is a quasi Nedved in spirit and temperament ...
"Look, when we took Vidal knew it was a very strong player and important. But I must say that when he does not play Vidal feels, because Vidal is an incredible player. And this also applies to Barzagli, because of Barzagli no one is talking, but this is one of the strongest defenders in the world at this time. Barzagli There are players like that have this performance is never wrong ball in a match so Barzagli is our true champion. "

Napoli can still mount in the standings. In 2000, a similar thing happened between the first and the second. Pavel six superstitious? In the Czech Republic are superstitious?
"I think there are some, a little too 'they are, but I must say that you have to be cosapevole your strength. Do not be conceited, but knowing how strong you are, respecting everyone else. And if we do so, as we are doing, it will be difficult to stop. "

We talk about the beginning of this top player for a long, but this cooperative work. Also mark the midfielders. It 'was a choice to not going to spend 30 million to 40 million for a great striker or not there was an opportunity?

"I believe that now there was a chance, even with our strikers because we do a certain type of game. I believe that Antonio exploit all our strikers so perfect. Thus far we know where we can improve, we want to do at the right time, because even going to take a lot stronger than we have to spend a lot of money and at the moment there are not and do not even wish to spend. "

Amauri you saw yesterday? It seemed like a resurrection ... three goals, a total of nine goals in the league. What happened there? It was no longer ready to play at Juventus? Something had cracked?

"Maybe, maybe not had more head over here to play for Juve, but I have to say that yesterday I saw the Amauri I knew and what they take the field with me. Amauri was one of the strongest in that moment. Yesterday I saw the real Amauri, because he really is a striker who can score. "

Have you read these suggestions British? You speak to us every day. It 's all right there?
"We are absolutely at ease, because as long as I do, Antonio I let it go on. Saying I'm joking, but Antonio is an added value for us, we know. Till wants to stay with us, they can stay with us."

Ibra something I have to ask. To you'd like to one day return to Juve?
"Yes, I must admit that it is true, because I consider it Ibra up of players like Ronaldo and Messi in the top three in the world, because it is one that makes you change the team, which will improve the team. And 'one who can play alone in front. therefore, who would not want Ibra? I'd like to, that safe. "

Pavel want to explain what the Harlem Shake?
"No, no, cairtà, is the stuff of youth."

You a few years ago you would have paid such a farce?
"It was a fun thing, then it is time for this here, for young boys. I should not have even disguise."

But you do not coach you ever thought about that?
"I do not know, I did not even get in the game, so to speak soon. Wanted to take some sabbatical to rest. Then of course I could not say no to a friend, a great as Andrea Agnelli. So I'm back and I'm happy , because it made me relive the emotions I experienced as a player. So I'm very happy that he did. "

January 6, 2004, on to the good memories ...
"Yes, the game where I presented the Ballon d'Or to my audience, our audience of Juve, so have a ride with that ball is a heavy effort and then we have seen in the field. But I must say one thing in the game I did well, that shot that sometimes I could not. That ball I got really good. I was happy, a day ... better than that I could not dream of it. "

That child were you? Thought only to play football?
"Yes, a child who never stopped, played football from morning till evening. Sometimes I was not even playing at home, my mother always scolded me, I appeared in the evening all dirty from battle field. But I had a beautiful childhood, always being able to play football, I was happy. "

It 's true that once were losing the train and you ran for twenty minutes with your uncle, your grandfather?
"It was my grandfather, who is still alive, I also took the bag. Had a great physique, we had half an hour to run to catch the train, partly because at the time my family did not have cars, so we did everything by bus or train.'re beautiful memories. "

You lived the "Velvet Revolution" ....
"We talked about good memories, not so much .... this was in 1968, when the Russians came to us. My father was in the military, he was very young. Once told me those stories, how afraid they had. To say it was very interesting because I was not there yet. then hear it from someone who lived it, I was impressed. E 'was a very difficult time for us all blind. "

Your family, as Benigni in "Life is Beautiful", pretending that there are no problems when you were a child ...

"Yes, they did especially my parents, hid a little 'reality, then I had grandparents who had a little' less fear of Communism, took me to church secretly ... I must say that it was nice of the family because they wanted to to see how things were going on. "

One day you made ​​the event, the Velvet Revolution ...
"Yes, we took to the streets all students, was strong enough to protest, as a demonstration that we are the ones that we can also think. E 'was the first time, when we turned to the state in this way."

This photo is it?
"'96, When unfortunately we were defeated in the final with Germany, 2-1, golden goal. Remember the Italian referee, Mr Pairetto. Bierhoff scored two goals we are all crossed destinies, then we met again in Italy, it's all a destiny. "

The European changed your life though. I'll show you another picture ...
"It 's Mr. Zeman. I will always be grateful because he gave me the opportunity to play in Italy. I was very afraid to come to Italy because they think it was a very difficult season for me. He convinced me to accept the Lazio's proposal. Cragnotti did not believe much to take, then in the summer, after the European Championships, they were convinced and the coach took me to Italy. "

But as a coach you like?
"Look, he has his own ideas, as there does not move one iota, expresses a football very hard on the physical and tactical. It 'hard to win in the long run, but that gives this show is guaranteed. His football like all offensive players, because they have fun, do a lot of opportunities, a lot of goals. I think a little 'less those that need to dab behind it all, but the show is guaranteed. "

This photo?
"It 's in '99, I think the final with Mallorca, the last Cup Winners' Cup, the last goal in this cup. I was able to mark it, we won 2-1, goal by Nedved and Vieri think. For Lazio has been playing very painful and also for me, because I came back from injury. After all this time, Mr. Eriksson has given me the chance to play and I have paid off. I was very happy. "

What memories do you have of New York in those years? You have left a liking for sports team?
"Definitely. Then maybe there are a lot of Lazio who think I've already forgotten Lazio, who does not love you so much, but the truth is quite different because where I went I always gave 100% for the shirt and they know it. I'm not afraid to say it, to meet them, to greet them, because it is beautiful this: when one gives 100% can look in the eye everybody. were wonderful years, really beautiful, with very strong team and we could have won more " .

Never did not go in the center of Rome ...
"In five years I went five times. A good average."

You were with the Pope ..
"Bell, I was lucky to meet him twice: once at the Olympic Stadium, the Vatican once, to kiss his hand, to touch, it was an indescribable feeling. After the birth of my children, surely the most beautiful emotion strong. E 'was a great Pope and I am lucky to have been able to meet. "

Tomorrow begins the Conclave: it is an event that excites you? It 'an event that you follow?
"No, I believe that the end always comes out the right person who will carry on the creed of the Church and of all of us, those who believe. Whatever you do, choose responsibly, definitely good."

Next pictures: May 5, 2002. You were in Udine. And your New York ...
"This I think is right my friend Poborsky. In that game he promised me to make two goals and we laughed over because he has never been a prolific scorer, had not scored almost never. Had two goals in that game and it was something incredible. immense joy for us, even if the fans remember it gladly. "

In this photo a little 'less joy. The admonition with Real that makes you skip the final of the Champions League with Milan in 2003 ...
"A Swiss referee. E 'was good because it was a foul in which the warning was there. I have to say even if you have enough tax, but there was. Was sad in that picture, but on the other hand I was happy because the 'it was important that Juventus had reached the final of the Champions League. "

Would have been different with Nedved in the field?
"Let's say that year gambettine turned pretty well, so I was disappointed not to take the field, but the important thing is that it was Juve."

You give up the Ballon d'Or for the Champions League?
"Yes, right away. I believe that football is a team game, group, experience emotions all together, so yes, I change places with the European Cup."

This is the Scudetto with Capello. They have overcome those Patches?
"I think no one can doubt these Patches, because if you look at the picture, take those players who were in the field, we deserved those Patches. Strameritati not, stravinti, there was no game right from the start because we were too strong."

Last photo: Pavel Nedved in Serie B. It 'been a journey, an experience that has enriched?
"Looking back I must say that I think it was the right choice, because seeing today Juventus, I must say that we have contributed with important things.'s Return in A would not have been easier if they had all gone away. Juve today do not could play again in the Champions League play for the quarter-finals. choice So just and I am very proud of all those who we were. E 'was an emotion in Serie B because football is always the same, I had only green field, ball and my teammates, it was the B or A there was little difference. "

Do you enjoy motorcycles and cars?
"I did once, when I was young. I was passionate about the Ferrari, I also had a Ferrari, but I'm almost three years who is in the garage, never left. I see it only in the garage. Thats a shame."

Were as indestructible as the Porsche as a player?
"I like the quality, the German body, machines that lasted over time. I hope to reflect this."

Pavel, how many times have you thought of prendre Cavani?
"Oh ... look ... I do not hide ... one can not help but think of taking Cavani, Cavani because he is a player that I personally love it because it is not one that just makes goals, is one who works for the team almost as a midfielder. A stuff that is rarely seen by an attacker. then is a golden boy, a believer, a guy who has his head in place. Therefore, it is really an ideal player for our Juventus. "

Urban legends Pavel: you arrived an hour before training and left an hour after the other ...
"Everyone keeps his body as he thinks. I to play with the strongest I had to train more than others. Chapter This I did, and I think rightly so."

When Nedved seemed to get hurt, he knew that no one was hurt.
"I said that when I fell felt like I had to take away by ambulance, they have not realized that I fell I was resting 10-15 seconds to start again, because I had to catch my breath. So One moment I was down. No, I have to say that I have not been in the top ten divers at the time, as they said. "

Juve-Lazio 2-0, 31 May 2009
"It was my last game. Was beautiful, a lot of emotions, I saw many people crying and I was laughing because I was happy. Meant that I had left a mark, and everyone was happy with what I had done. And that gave me a lot of satisfaction" .

Like the philosophy of Barcelona Pavel?
"I like it, as long as they want to be too specific because seeing in Milan did not give me any impression of being real and dangerous. They were just turning the ball and that football does not mean anything. Should be concrete, dangerous, create opportunities, just keep the ball does not make sense. "

Somehow I did not bother because they are much hated by their opponents?
"As I said before, is not that bother me, do you mind a little 'when insulted in the other stages, by other fans. But one should behave as they wish, as I always have, with the utmost will, as I did in all the teams I've played. Maximum dedication in training, seek only the victory. This was my belief, which then led me to the results. "

In 2004 there was the suggestion for you Inter. A crazy idea of Mourinho. You're the one who said no? Mino Raiola pushed?
"No, it was quite clear, then was up to me to decide. Yet I did not feel, I told both Mino to Mr. Mourinho. Then that was it because I did not feel myself."

For some game go more often under the curve. The chorus seems to have increased ...
"I have a little 'I am ashamed, in the sense that when people call me ... now I do not play anymore, I want all the attention to both our boys team. When I cheered me so much pleasure and I'm happy. But on the other side I am ashamed because I do not play anymore. "

A tip Inter. What to do to get out of the mess?
"You ask me? I do not mess the other, do not put myself in the middle there."

There was a time when Inter made ​​you afraid after the victory in Turin?
"I impressed Inter when he played in our house and managed to win quite easy. We were impressed, believed were their antagonists for the Scudetto. Then maybe at the end are still there, but they are a bit 'distant' .

You would expect the crisis in Naples? As it is related to abstinence for Cavani?
"Napoli have lost a few points lately, they have also lost the Europa League. They suffered a lot because playing against a Czech team, so I followed enough. And I must say that I did not expect, I thought that until the end there would be them to give us a hard time. And I expect it yet, because since they have only the league will do anything to rescue us and get as high as possible. So it is not over. "

Choose an opponent to the quarter-finals of the Champions ...
"I like to be there and this is already a great achievement for us all. After that it will be a little more."

Revenge against Milan?
"Let's see, it would be 10 years later, I do not know., Makes me fear Real Madrid, Mourinho because having only the Champions League available, sure to come away. Of these I worry a bit '...".

Milan goes with Barcelona?
"Yes, yes, yes. Because I am convinced of Barcelona is not going through a good time, I do not see the team with the brightness, so I think that will Milan."

Pavel is rational, does not look at counter-charms ...
"I'm looking at the field, I'm reading the matches as I know how to read. I have this impression, then you can also make mistakes. Then maybe get a goal to start the game and everything changes, but I have to say that Milan was very well lately and Barcelona no. If I had to bet, would bet on Milan. "

You want to see the sombrero Cafu? It happens to the best ...
"I have to say that I have made a good joke, because I was ridiculed Cafu great. E 'was a gesture ... I could only applaud, because it made me the sombrero ... not a few."

There are three ...
"Look at that Cafu was very strong, is a player who has done a lot of the World, a very good player"

Let's look at eleven o'clock in the heart of Pavel Nedved: Buffon in goal, Thuram, Cannavaro, Dalai (the author of the biography of Nedved, ed) ... No, Dalai, no ...
"Look what I might change Cannavaro with Agnelli because when you put these two as a central life is hard for everyone. They complement very well, there are two break. They are very good, do not underestimate them, they are very good."

We see the rest of the team. There Ibra front. Who is Peter?
"It 'a player of the village where I was born, he was my idol as a young man, he had 4-5 years more, was that I always wanted to play, was very strong, so I put it there."

Buffon How do you feel? Even for him the years go by but ...
"Buffon is out of competition, is the strongest of all. Goalkeepers strong I knew, there was Marchegiani at Lazio, Peruzzi, Buffon, Cech I had with the national team. Goalkeepers I've seen, but there is no one like Gigi" .

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Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.  Empty Re: Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.

Post by marottalad Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:31 am

he won't come now conte is being dragged into another false match fixing investigation. haha he left us for the same reason and he is my favourite player in the world. screw u figc you have fcked us back then and ur fcking us now. what have we done to deserve all of this apart from win?

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Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.  Empty Re: Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.

Post by DeviAngel Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:11 pm

marottalad wrote:he won't come now conte is being dragged into another false match fixing investigation. haha he left us for the same reason and he is my favourite player in the world. screw u figc you have fcked us back then and ur fcking us now. what have we done to deserve all of this apart from win?

they won't do a thing this time tbh they just want to speak with him nothing more

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Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.  Empty Re: Nedved : ' I will try to get Ibra to Juve. Conte will not move from Juve until I am here.

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