Salvioni: "Never doubted Matri: he is the bomber perfect for Juve'

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Salvioni: "Never doubted Matri: he is the bomber perfect for Juve' Empty Salvioni: "Never doubted Matri: he is the bomber perfect for Juve'

Post by DeviAngel Mon 04 Feb 2013, 17:46

Alessandro Matri Mario Balotelli: two parallel destinies since the 2005/06 season, when the two were wearing the shirt of Lumezzane. To train both Juventus and AC Milan striker was Walter Salvioni that is told exclusively to

Yesterday Matri Balotelli goal: his pupils decisive with the jerseys of Juventus and Milan. What effect has no effect?

"The credit is theirs.'m Really two great strikers. I have not taught anything special to them, because they were innate qualities."

Matri is often underestimated by experts: what do you think?

"I am of the same opinion. Often overlooked is Alessandro Matri and instead is one that has more character of all. In games where you need, it's always goals. Yesterday he made ​​a goal that we tried to Lumezzane ...".

The main qualities of the tip Juventus?

"Alessandro slams and sacrificed so much for his teammates. A Lumezzane I invited him to be more selfish and always look to the body the door. At the end of the tips are judged only on their goals ...".

Now ready to establish itself at Juve?

"He has a breakneck speed and hear the door in an incredible way. Should only feel the confidence of the environment.'s Has the talent."

She also threw in professional football Balotelli: how did it go?

"Balotelli saw him in a friendly match with the students on Thursday and Sunday threw it right holder alongside Matri all'Euganeo against Padova. You could see he was endowed with extraordinary gifts. Phenomenon already fifteen years. We won 1 - 0 ".

We already saw in fifteen years that Mario had something out of the norm.

"Alexander had a will and a spirit of sacrifice amazing. A great guy and deserves it. Matri is a true man. Striker can be ideal for the team of Earl."

A couple also from National?

"The two were and are very good friends, were very well together as a couple. Mario is a very nice guy and solar that binds all. With Matri is impossible not to agree, a great guy and educatissimo."

An anecdote about the two?

"Matri was nineteen and he was a golden boy. Was very good at school, as well as in the field. A perfect man for the group, it is well-liked by everyone. Then Mario already had the will to win and personality that shines even today, when taking the field. remember the amazing play that made ​​the first time I saw him. In the field had the personality of a player than thirty years. Moreover, even yesterday kicked the winning penalty to novantaquattresimo with Olympian calm and serenity incredible. He also asked El Shaarawy apologize for the penalty kick him ... ".

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