English football is a caricature of football.

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English football is a caricature of football. Empty English football is a caricature of football.

Post by norton Fri 7 Dec - 4:31:51

Read a post on goal.com that was really interesting. Apparently, there is an English radio show that discusses football all day. One of the hosts was talking about players for certain English teams to buy and the host advised not to buy a player from another league but to buy a player that had played in the EPL for a while. The reason that was given was that the game in England was a different game from the football played elsewhere, and that the type of football played in the EPL can succeed only in the EPL. The poster went on to say that the reason that England does so poorly as a national team is that all the players play in England and that they only know the English game. When they have to play "real" football that is not judged by the entertainment factor, i.e. running fast back and forth, they suffer trying to play the world or real game of football. The poster also mentioned that the foreign players that play in England are able to adjust when they retrun to their national teams because the majority of the national team has been playing normal world football and the one or two players that were playing in England are forced to adjust to normal football playing.

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