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Rate our season, December edition Empty Rate our season, December edition

Post by Art Morte Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:56 pm

So, I'm a little bored, here's something to talk about.

It's 40% into the Premier League season and by Thursday night we will know have we progressed in the Europa League or not.

Simply rate our season on a scale from 1 to 10, give pros and cons if you can be bothered, cheers.

+ One defeat in the last ten games in the league.
+ Most of the time we look like we can challenge every team.
+ Successful introduction of several youngsters.

- Just four wins in the league.
- Inexcusable striker situation (we won't have a recognised first-team striker in our next league game).
- Too predictable game-plan at times.
- Too dependant on Suarez (only player to score more than one PL goal).

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Rate our season, December edition Empty Re: Rate our season, December edition

Post by stevieg8 Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:49 pm

+ Difficult to beat
+ Defense has been looking stalwart after an iffy beginning to the year
+ Fixture list has been difficult for some time, and we've been missing Lucas, yet still have pulled points from many games
+ Stopped losing against bottom-feeder teams
+ Have challenged in every game against the top teams, and each one has at least looked winnable
+ Suarez has become a goal scorer on top of a dribbling threat
+ Every game has had positives to take away, either in attack or defense
+ Growth of the youngsters

- Lapses in concentration (missed sitters, penalties given away, poor backpasses, defensive positioning lapses) have cost us points in far too many games
- Refs still seem like they hate us
- Complete lack of squad depth (see: Downing, Stuart/Striker situation)
- Borini's injury prevented early settling and may have dire consequences in his return
- Lucas is one injury away from officially being 'injury prone'
- Poor showing in three competitions so far (league position, bounced from League cup, need to win this week for Europa League)

Overall rating: 6.5/10, but optimistic for the future Smile
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Rate our season, December edition Empty Re: Rate our season, December edition

Post by mr-r34 Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:43 am

On a results based rating (current)


On a development front (future)


Lets be honest if the season finished now the only thing going for us would be the start of a football "philosophy" slowly developing through our team. Given the lack of strikers, injury to lucas, poor glimpses of defense from keeper and defenders it's been a meh season. Had a good undefeated streak, but it means nothing when there nearly all draws. Come the end of the season if we finish 5th or 10th, the only thing i'm looking for is development and the only way to become the club we were is sticking by Rodgers and our players(disregard rejects like cole and downing).
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Rate our season, December edition Empty Re: Rate our season, December edition

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