Collective bargaining in La Liga?

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Collective bargaining in La Liga? Empty Collective bargaining in La Liga?

Post by BarrileteCosmico Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:26 am

@BarrileteCosmico wrote:Alright so I plugged in the numbers into excel and played a bit with them. Here are my findings:

Collective bargaining in La Liga? Tvdistribution

The first two are just percentages of the real thing. The last one is what I believe Barcelona and Real Madrid are going to offer the other clubs: the status quo will remain, but they can collectively bargain for more money. Once they do Barca and Madrid will take 140 each. So, assuming that through collective bargaining they can increase the total by 50%, a lot of clubs would see their revenues double, but would still be comparatively not-as-well-off.

From the thread in the general section, I thought it might generate an interesting debate here

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