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Post by eelir Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:12 am

I would like to see a discussion about the season so far and the expectation for this team. Please discuss individual players only in context of the team, as we already have specific topics for each one of them.

So far I (as I believe many here believe) we should have bought an overdue WC CB. We have suffered a lot this season, and the results are somewhat misleading. I believe this is understandable due to injuries at the back. Some interesting facts are that we already have 4 own goals, just to show the erratic situation in the defense. We won more than half of the games after we were down. It appears this is a remontada team! Although this makes for more exciting games, I can't stop and not worry, if our injury crisis continue (especially with aging Puy). Bartra seamed like competent player the last game, but he was not really tested.

So far the negative: awful defense
positive: great team spirit, fighting till the last moment and getting the results

If injury crisis wares off, i expect this team to get at least one of the titles (CL of League), but with the makeshift defense we might loose them both. The team spirit is great, but coming from a negative result all the time might take toll on the players fitness, and introduce more injuries along the way.
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