Matias Almeyda's Autobiography

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Matias Almeyda's Autobiography  Empty Matias Almeyda's Autobiography

Post by Twoism Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:37 am

He just released his autobiography revealing some controversies around Serie A and himself. He might sensationalize a bit for entertaining purpose still I know some of them are true. Nothing new to me aka Parma fan but still depressing to hear it from former player.

Google translate should be pretty accurate but here is the short version

- He was living on the edge while playing, smoked 10 cigarettes per day, one time drank 5 liter of wine and Coca Cola and ended up in coma.
- He had a fall out with Parma ultras, one time had to leave in his in law's car trunk, made friend with group of Argentinean rugby players just to be bodyguards
- He had a fall out with Stefano Tanzi (thanks god Tanzi family is out for good) and got mafia treatment, "Then,my wife heard voices in the house.Called the police,they checked nothing was missing,but there was a scary hand print on the wall made with car oil. Same thing happened with Savo Milosevic who relevant wages like mines.After that my wife had an early premature birth."
- He accused Parma lost on purpose against Roma in 2001 which see them crowned champion. I watched that game live on TV, quite believable as our president said he wouldn't wanna rain on Roma's parade.
- He was injected with mysterious IV vitamin described as "nothing like any kind of vitamin before"
- Favorite opponent: Edgar Davids
- He was depressed during Inter days, part of his body & hands got paralyzed.

Parma is my favorite team but back then Serie A was sure a shady league, there are lots more stories got swept under the carpet.

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Matias Almeyda's Autobiography  Empty Re: Matias Almeyda's Autobiography

Post by Forza Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:40 am

lol, "made friend with group of Argentinean rugby players just to be bodyguards"
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