Ds Pescara: "Verratti worth 12 million"

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Ds Pescara: "Verratti worth 12 million"  Empty Ds Pescara: "Verratti worth 12 million"

Post by DeviAngel Tue May 22, 2012 3:05 pm

Seems to be the soap opera this summer transfer market. Verratti goes, Verratti remains? Hardly the issue will be resolved quickly, everything points to a long and exhausting negotiations. They are now the words of the Ds Pescara Daniele Delli Carri. Speaking to "Radio Crc" explained: "There are great possibilities for Verratti remains to Pescara. Then, the market sometimes say something else. When two months ago I spoke with the Juventus Juventus in Turin because he wanted to take immediate Verratti had to be the new Pirlo so I guess there will be an agreement with Juventus to keep him another year to Pescara. Juventus has absolutely got the player. between us and Juventus is no distance. Verratti is worth much more than 8 million. Vale 12milioni euros. "


Buy him let him stay in Pescara 1 year in meanwhile loan Lodi and we are set in midfield

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