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Premier league players to sign Empty Premier league players to sign

Post by Chelsea786 Sun May 06, 2012 4:00 pm

Chelsea do tend to or did, just go off abroad and pay too much for an average player but hoping we have become much more sustainable now...SOOO... why dont we sign players from premier league who have proven themeselves???? I always said sign Young but we let that chance got Evil or Very Mad

Some players to consider:

- Dempsey (older, proven himself past few years against top teams as well, works hard, creative and scores = replace Benayoun)
- Moses (should have signed him before he went Wigan, skilful, strong, pacey, scores and creative)
- Fellaini ( been linked to him many years, hes big, strong, scores, bullies and tackles = replace Mikel)
- Rodwell (Young, strong, English and versatile = replace Essien)
- Adebayor (umm i like him as a player but hes too expensive maybe but still better buy than Higuain for me)
- Hoilett (Be a great young cheap buy)
- Sigurdsson (Again cheap, young, creative, works hard, control and chips in goals)

Hmm what you think guys??? Remember if we dont buy them then some other big club will Twisted Evil and we will regret it.

For me if had to choose a few then would be Fellaini or Rodwell and Dempsey because they be strong buys and suit our team especially as we have small Mata and Marin and J. Mchrecan



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Premier league players to sign Empty Re: Premier league players to sign

Post by Kick Sun May 06, 2012 11:50 pm

I want Hoilett from that list.

Then a CM and RB and I am very happy.

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