My post-Marseille match thoughts

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My post-Marseille match thoughts Empty My post-Marseille match thoughts

Post by zarola Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:52 pm

I've finally calmed down... somewhat, after I was deceived and thought we were actually going through.

I felt as if Ranieri made the right subs, despite all of the hate everyone has for him, including myself. If you look passed the biased views, he actually brought on Obi and Pazzini who clearly made an impact, and despite him subbing off Poli who had been playing excellent, given the circumstances as a coach there is nothing differently he could've done because Stankovic is more experienced and was actually have a half-decent game defensively though he didn't really add much to the attack except long range passes (he even got a 7.5 from banana ) and it was clear changes needed to be made at that time.

Forlan is good enough as an impact sub I think but we shouldn't rely on him as a starter, Pazzini is great ... I started doubting him but he was working hard and he holds the ball up well despite him not being able to get a lot of goals in open play.

That goal wasn't Ranieri's fault, but with that being said I wouldn't mind him being fired. I thought Samuel as a defender did everything a coach would want from him in that goal situation, so I don't get why it's called the "Samuel - Lucio mix up". Lucio called for the header: misjudged, Samuel had already anticipated his screw up and was a good distance behind but a fast blackman came, and with a little luck scored but Samuel put in a desperation tackle in attempt to throw the player off, Cesar should've done better in absolutely EVERY aspect of that entire goal mix-up, Samuel should have 0 blame imo, and Lucio should be heavily blamed. Since last year I've always preferred Castelazzi over Cesar... call me crazy.

so at this point I'm here pulling at my hair, I'm thinking we need a new keeper, Lucio should be a sub, Zanetti at fullback I think always expresses himself better and leaves room open for Obi, Poli, etc. , and Pazzini Milito kept as starting strikers.. they're good enough players for any top team IMO and Sneijder is done.
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My post-Marseille match thoughts Empty Re: My post-Marseille match thoughts

Post by steve_smith Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:59 pm

These guys were good.


These guys were bad.
Nagatomo (not Inter qualiy)
Lucio (fked up at the 92nd minute)
Sneijder (the little pansie went out at 58min)
Forlan (this is Eto's replacement)

Now the question is, "Who will want to buy Sneijder from us?"


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