Introducing the Reputation/Points system

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Introducing the Reputation/Points system Empty Introducing the Reputation/Points system

Post by McLewis Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:36 pm

Hey folks,

As part of the re-vamping and continued improvement of these forums after its creation, a new system will be established that will encourage posters to respect one another not only as football fans, but as people. This system rewards exceptionable debating skills, sound logic, excellent self-control, as well as integrity, responsibility, friendship and camaraderie.

I introduce to you all: The Reputation and Points system

I. The Points System

Purpose: Along with post count, this tracks a user's productivity on the forums. It is NOT intended to indicate popularity, even though it will undoubtedly be characterized as such, this point I will already concede.

* Points are generated by:

- the number of posts
- the number of theads created
- the number of friends that the user has
- Reputation points

- The Reputation System

For those of you from the original forums (Lithium version), You folks may remember the fabled "Kudos" button. For those unfamiliar to it, the general premise behind this popular feature was that if a user made a post that another user strongly agrees with, then clicking the Kudos button gives the author of the post a "Kudo" signifying agreement with their post. This feature also survived to the V-bulletin version of the forums in the form of the "Thanks" button, but unfortunately, it was never implemented.

I'm pleased to announce that we will now begin using the Thanks button in the same spirit that was intended for the Kudos button and it will now work hand-in-hand with the points system, using a new "voting" system which will be explained below.

How it works

The system is incredibly simple:

Posters are given a choice to give a particular post either a "positive vote" or a "negative vote." Positive votes garner the author of the post 1 point while a negative vote will take away 1 point. If a post is "Thanked" then the author will receive 3 points, which will improve their reputation on the forum.


There's really only one rule right not in regards to these new features and I feel this is the most important rule:

-The thanks button is NOT to be abused. There will be no threads created just to get "thanks" like there was for the kudos button. Any attempt to do as much will result in discipline from the Admin/Moderation team. This system is designed to improve the overall quality of these forums and not to improve the stats of a particular poster. This is something that should be done naturally.

Final word:

While this thread will be locked, We shall create a new thread in the soon-to-be-created new Comments and Suggestions thread. I look forward to hearing feedback from all of you on this new system.



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