New year’s day on the pitch and at the gym

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New year’s day on the pitch and at the gym  Empty New year’s day on the pitch and at the gym

Post by DeviAngel Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:33 am

This afternoon, Juventus started their 2012 on the pitch. Manager Conte granted the morning off in order to allow the lads to enjoy their deserved relax following the celebration occurred on New Year’s Eve, but in particular after yesterday’s back-breaking session.

Today, the Bianconeri trained into two separate groups. The first group started their session at 5pm, dealing with a technical warm-up followed by the usual circle drill before moving to the gym. The second one instead started about thirty minutes later, first focusing on a series of ball passages, then on light running and fitness exercises, and finally on the habitual circle drill. Then, the groups took turns in the weight room, and all players got on the pitch again being still involved with various running exercises and direction shifts.

Tomorrow, a double session will take place. The Bianconeri will get on the pitch at 10am for their first training.

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