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Post by Arquitecto Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:09 pm

Sepi wrote:
Arquitecto wrote:How is ICS making himself look stupid while its quite the opposite?

IamManU, just stop while your at it.... its embarrassing

Plus I love the pure ignorance and idiocy most posters here have when it comes to judging our team while like F**K ALL about the progress, circumstance and observation of the past and today.

Newsflash: Get a move on as your making yourself look asinine.

Learn the facts, watch our games, and come back with something better before just humiliating yourselves by judging and critiquing a team which most of you seem to possess jack shit knowledge on.

Stones in a glass house.

I know man. You know how harsh I am in criticizing our team when we play rubbish (see after Swansea game)...but after yesterday when we were in full control before the red card ?

Unbelievable. It's such a result oriented business. Spurs get destroyed by Fulham, but manage a 3-1 win and the flaws of their midfield and game go unnoticed. We outplay Fulham and only lose to an uncharacteristic error after being down to 10 men, and this comes out.

There is no doubt that some portion of the money could have been spent better for sure (Downing and Carroll)...but HEY, let's forget we were the only team to outplay Manchester City in PL this season. I didn't see a thread created for that game when our so called average midfield outplayed City's.

We may not get a top 4 spot this season, due to our 2 best midfielders being out for majority of the season...but as long as we end our trophy drought of 6 years, and Henderson (as already obvious) keep improving and developing, we'll have a fair crack next year with further replacements. Every club makes transfer howlers, and we aren't the first and last. There are question marks over Downing and Carroll...that's about it.

Even Manchester City didn't get a CL spot the season after spending 300M...but they kept faith with Mancini and now reaping the rewards. We are playing good football, have a very solid defensive unit, but missing that spark in front of goal that I am sure we'll address in the transfer window.

I am just so excited at prospect of Henderson development in middle....very encouraging signs last night :bow:

Some one said it well: GoalLegacy revolves around 3 things:
- Real Madrid
- The BPL team who loses that week.

Superb words my good friend.

Do take into account this was directed at non-'pool fans.

In the end, as we all agree with each other and speak sense within our intelligent section, Red admittedly is the wisest among us as we can follow his words that its FAR to early to make judgements and calls at the moment as circumstance and external factors have to be taken into account when judging the games, season, decisions and of course, the players. Downing and Carroll have shown they cope against the best teams and you know that better then me. What we need from them is consistency and for them to regain whats ACTUALLY holding them back and that is their lack of confidence.

Fact is we are exceeding the expectations as with a team that has recovered from ownership and managerial turmoil along with the newly deployed squad.

If we sucked against big teams and not against small, then thats something to worry about. But right now, its quite the opposite. All we need in games is less lapses and complacency and more consistency to catalyse them as eventually a run of games and some fine-tuning will bring in the points.

Frankly, there is very little to worry about as all is needed to to meddle with our in box tactics/final third to bring that clinical touch to our team. The rest is splendid considering our injuries and off form players.

Positives are that the season is still young and January market approaches. Fulham and Fat Faggot Friend ruined my day yesterday, but that shouldn't take away from what there is to look forward to and thats a lot.

Kenny and CO. know what they are doing and this I can prove.

But I agree with you 100% Sep.

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Spearing, Adam and Henderson !? - Page 3 Empty Re: Spearing, Adam and Henderson !?

Post by Lord Awesome Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:15 pm

Because it's a more Nordic Mid that a Southern one. Brits usually have a thing against anythin Spanish or Italian for some reason.. scratch

What you guys lost, I call irreplacable. I'm not saying you guys aren't or won't be quality of course you guys are, in my book. If I were you just honestly answer these thread's with poping out a machine gun or simply just ignore them.
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