Chelsea's Defensive Setup

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Chelsea's Defensive Setup - Page 3 Empty Re: Chelsea's Defensive Setup

Post by S32TABLANCA Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:40 pm

Lord Spencer wrote:
Saetablanca wrote:
Sepi wrote:
Saetablanca wrote:
Sepi wrote:
Saetablanca wrote:And on the left, we see the Chelsea section...

Says the RM fan Chelsea's Defensive Setup - Page 3 1625187496

Generalisations FTW!

Did I ever make a thread about something Real Madrid related that should have gone in our section? Please bring up the quotes. Or am I now responsible for anything the other Madridistas do? Not everybody is like you ya know, filling the GS with EPL threads all the time. Rolling Eyes

You can't even spell our league right bounce

and ya, Casillas save got his own thread....while Pepe's didn't. Now, who is filling GS with their own club crap ? Rolling Eyes

Ooh, its BPL instead is it. I wouldnt get into that argument as looking at your country I almost certainly have better English than you.

Madrid fans post a lot of crap. And do a lot of stupid things. But that doesn't mean I do it too, so go whine to someone else about Madrid fans and their threads. Point is, generalisations are stupid and this thread should be in the Chelsea section. Very Happy

Ignorance at its best, anyone who have been here for while knows Sepi is an English speaker, and that he is currently living in Toronto, and that he used to be in England at some point in his life.

Anyone would also notice his sudden fixation on Scandinavian women and Denmark hence the Danish flag.

I would like to see you go into a RM exclusive thread in the GS and tell them to shove it to the RM section, but you won't. Not that RM exclusive or any club exclusive threads don't deserve to be in the GS, for one thing, this thread does.

1- Chelsea is a CL contender, other teams might be interested on their defensive woes.
2- Chelsea is a PL contender, other teams are interested on their defensive woes.
3- Their defensive woes are a matter of interesting tactical debate.
4- Chelsae's defensive woes are something to console their fans about.
5- The mods are doing their jobs, and any topic they think should not be in the GS, they would move.

So, with all due respect, :arrow:

Excuse me for not knowing the nationalities of every member, I can only tell from the flags. If people choose to put different flags, they give the impression that they are from different countries. How do you want me to know about his love for Danish women, Im not his brother lol. Anyway, because I am not 'ignorant at best', that why I put 'almost certainly'. (Id like to think that my English is bloody good anyway, but that doesn't really matter Very Happy ).

I don't see why you would console a Chelsea fan with their defensive woes, but our threads always get all those 'RM section' kind of comments which is why I responded in a non serious manner. I only get annoyed when people insult personally like you cant spell or you are ignorant.

So, with all due respect, kindly do not get into stuff which doesn't involve you and have a nice day.

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Chelsea's Defensive Setup - Page 3 Empty Re: Chelsea's Defensive Setup

Post by Zealous Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:07 pm

Saetabalnca there are mods, just let them do their job. Where threads are is really none of your concern. Just sayin'

As far as Chelsea go well I hope people realise how dangerous a high line is now. It's not easy to pull off but it is a gamble most coaches in Spain take in order to secure the driving seat in a match. A certain type of CB and FB is required to pull it off, not to mention midfield.

There are players that would thrive under this system in Chelsea's squad but a majority of them don't have the legs or the tactical awareness to pull it off imo.

I hope AVB succeeds though, maybe then he can grow out of his shell a little bit. It's clear he's being nice on purpose instead of saying what he really thinks.
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Chelsea's Defensive Setup - Page 3 Empty Re: Chelsea's Defensive Setup

Post by leemhuis Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:28 pm

The problem is the manager. We make a big mistake losing Ancellotti, now you make same mistake. Last year he come second and was firing. Now probably this year no CL for Chelsea.
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Chelsea's Defensive Setup - Page 3 Empty Re: Chelsea's Defensive Setup

Post by Sponsored content

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