Luciano Moggi: "Juve are the real top players to aspire to the title, and ask Moratti 30 million of damage"

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Luciano Moggi: "Juve are the real top players to aspire to the title, and ask Moratti 30 million of damage" Empty Luciano Moggi: "Juve are the real top players to aspire to the title, and ask Moratti 30 million of damage"

Post by DeviAngel Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:53 pm

In his usual spot on the video site Free led by Fabrizio Biasin titled "Football from his point of view" Luciano Moggi has answered questions ranging from the letters in the championship Calciopoli. This is evidenced by the

With the purchase of a central defender this Juve is title?

"I do not think, not a question of pessimism because I believe that Naples and Milan are more complete. Even the Inter I've seen very well in the first half against the Neapolitans, then what happened after that was due to hysteria reigns at the time, a squlibrio arising from the current uncertainties and the team has also followed the wave of their coach who came down to perfection in the Nerazzurri since now says he does not want to talk while he was at Juventus in Turin said he did not want talk about Inter. It was better not say anything because I do not like this attitude right. "

What should Juve to compete for the championship?

"You should take a few players of class, the championships are won with these, with the famous top-players such as Emerson, Patrick Vieira, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Of course I'm making examples compared to my time. Tevez? I do not like, he might break a very compact group at the time that the coach Antonio Conte has built up on that led to Juventus. "

Forlan Why can not break through?

"This is clearly not the player that Inter were waiting, it is true that Atletico Madrid has done good things but not enough to cause the championships. This is a prime example of how certain players playing in teams that are struggling to win the league are good, while just the bar is raised of the objectives they are lost, there are strict rules in the teams fighting for the summit which is likely Forlan fails to submit, provided that Inter should not win the title this year but not because I say so but because they are lower in Milan and Naples. When you do things like play Nagatomo and Obi can not have large claims even though the Nigeria at the end is not bad ...".

It 'true that in 2006 would go with the national team in Germany as an ambassador of Italian football?

"The Carraro said in court, I would go as manager of the National Assembly, the idea was, but did not sign anything. However Carraro argued this in court. At the same nationality have been closer than we think."

It 'true that she and Giraudo you were climbing the Juventus shares and therefore the property in 2006 eased your way out of the club?

"Absolutely not, I work for the team and earn a paycheck, more than that honestly I can not think or imagine. Then of course I speak for myself, I do not know Giraudo. Then on the actions are still in possession of shares that Juventus I was given away by the time of the transactions deemed exceptional by the company. "

What is your assessment of Branca?

"He did well until this summer, I do not think deserve some criticism. At Inter missing the connection between team and was Oriali company that acted as intermediary between coach and president who is the hardest thing in that society. We are left well? It ​​is not true, I think Oriali was rudely dismissed despite having done very well so that if Mourinho held him tight. "

Who has it really Ibrahimovic?

"I've heard both Ibrahimovic Raiola, I say to the Milan fans to be quiet and that Ibrahimovic will score much so that the Rossoneri will rebound in the list and will fight for the title."

And 'the right time for the Bull?

"You think so, the team is equipped to win the championship and also to do well in A with some tweaking. I think they will win the championship, no hands down but will return in A. While the Sampdoria puzzles me, the rose is good but the performance is still insufficient. I think it's a crisis but it can also mean that the initial deficiencies. Cairo? So far this year has just as wrong, however, seems to have understood there was to change course, and the results are coming. It ' President for six years and I think it has taken too much to become president in every respect, better late than never. He understood the value of the brand and that Turin needed a competitive team and is managed through the contribution of Petrachi, Comi and Ventura ".

In light of the request against De Santis 21 million against Moratti will behave the same way?

"I ask a few more, about 30 million say without exaggerating. I will do at the appropriate time, ie once the legal proceedings are concluded in Naples. If I quote someone else for damages? We'll see ...".

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